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Forget working on jobs that don’t match your expertise. Search our job board for the roles that get you truly excited.

Or, if you have a candidate who’s keen to explore new roles, simple search for jobs that match their skill sets. Easy peasy!

It’s completely free

It’s free to join, search for jobs, submit candidates and receive fees. Jobba generates revenue by taking 20% of placement fees.

Help with diversity

Having a diverse, equal and inclusive workforce is more important than ever, and rightfully so.

To combat unconscious bias in the hiring process, when a business receives your candidate profile the candidates name, age, nationality, gender and university name are only revealed to the hiring manager when an interview has been requested and confirmed.

Our commitment to giving

Jobba will donate £100 to charity every time a placement is made via the platform. The recruiter who sourced the candidate for that placement will be given the option to match our donation.

Receive payments with confidence

We have partnered with Stripe to handle all B2B and B2R payments. With this partnership, you can be assured you will receive all payments safely and securely.

Our commission structure

It’s super simple… and awesome

commission on all permanent placements

Eg. £10k fee = £8k commission

commission on all contract placements

E.g. £500 day rate with a 20% fee (£100)
= £50 per day commission

How it works

Jobba vs recruitment agencies

Average agency
How many recruiters do they have1000+10
How many domain specific recruiters do they have100+1-2 (average)
Geographical coverageNationwide+Regional+
Pick your own feesYesNegotiate
Fee options5-50%15-30%
Recruiter commission80%10-20%
Average salary in UK tech£62,500£62,500
Typical fee % in tech10% (estimated)20%
% of £62,500£6,250£12,500
Recruiter commission£5,000£1,250-£2,500

Recruiters will earn more from a 5% fee with Jobba than they would with a 20% fee with an agency

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