Recruiters are in the top 10 least trusted professions

 Up there with the paparazzi, bankers, and of course… politicians (CV Library)

…and this is why we’ve created Jobba

With Jobba we want to cut out the unwanted noise in the recruitment sector and provide businesses with a recruitment ecosystem that in essence, gives them their own recruitment agency - one where they have direct access to thousands of the UK’s best technology headhunters, and where they’re in total control of their costs and hiring processes end-to-end - all for free.

During our R&D stage we spoke to over fifty heads of HR and engineering from a wide variety of businesses both big and small. It quickly became apparent that the majority saw significant value in individual recruiters and little in the agency that employed them - so much so, that they’d follow them from agency to agency with little thought about the name above the door.

We also spoke to recruiters from all sorts of backgrounds. Some worked in-house for giant tech companies and some worked for local recruitment agencies. Every single one said they’d either thought about or were thinking about working for themselves, but it’s not an easy move to make as most businesses have policies in place that don’t allow them to work with freelance recruiters. 

Jobba is a platform that cuts out the ugly bits in the industry and empowers the people that matter - the hiring manager and the recruiter. Hiring managers are given a headhunting capability that is unrivalled anywhere else, and recruiters are finally able to work for themselves, on roles that excite them and earn what they deserve.

Meet the Founders

Andrew Philipson's image
Andrew Philipson
  • Founder
  • 15 years in agency recruitment
Matthew Gent's image
Matthew Gent
  • Co-founder & CTO
  • 10 years in Software engineering
  • BEng and MSc in Aerospace Engineering

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