With access to over a thousand UK-based recruiters who have worked with some of the biggest names in tech

Number of recruiters


…and growing

Jobba will give your business a headhunting capability unrivalled
by any agency or technology.
All on your terms.

Only receive candidates who tick your boxes

Our unique scoring system allows you to set the bar on what kind of skillsets you need and wish for.

This system stops recruiters from bombarding you with inaccurate profiles, and means you only receive candidates that meet your requirements.

Receive verified candidate data

Poetic licenses won’t work on here! When a recruiter submits a candidate for your vacancy, every bit of data they submit is first sent to the candidate to check and approve.

Only once the candidate has confirmed their profile is correct, will it be received by you. No confirmation, no submission.

Collaborate with colleagues

Hiring processes often involve multiple decision makers, so you can invite colleagues to join, view and get involved in hiring process.

We also know that multiple people can be involved in creating and signing off on new job posts, so you can work together on those too.

We’re fighting the good fight with DE&I

Having a diverse, equal and inclusive workforce is more important that ever, and rightfully so. 

Our candidate profiles will give you much more data than your typical CV, however the candidates name, gender, nationality and university name will not be revealed until an interview has been requested. This is to combat unconscious biases in the hiring process and help create a more diverse and equal workforce.

Our commitment to giving

When you post a job you can select a charity that we will donate £100 to when you hire via the platform. The recruiter who fills your role will also be given the option to match our donation.

Make payments with confidence

We have partnered with Stripe to handle all B2B and B2R payments.  To instil extra confidence, all fees paid by employers will be held with Stripe until candidate rebate periods have passed.

How it works

You only pay when you hire
and what you pay is up to you.

Jobba vs recruitment agencies

Average agency
How many recruiters do they have1000+10
How many domain specific recruiters do they have100+1-2 (average)
Geographical coverageNationwide+Regional+
Pick your own feesYesNegotiate
Fee options5-50%15-30%
Recruiter commission80%10-20%
Average salary in UK tech£62,500£62,500
Typical fee % in tech10% (estimated)20%
% of £62,500£6,250£12,500
Recruiter commission£5,000£1,250-£2,500

Recruiters will earn more from a 5% fee with Jobba than they would with a 20% fee with an agency

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